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Range of low embodied energy cement bound bricks. Suitable for residential, industrial and commercial applications.









GeoBrick has been designed as a high quality, low embodied energy alternative to the more energy hungry kiln fired bricks, with the specific aim of reducing the environmental impact of new buildings.

They are a strong, hard wearing brick made from clay, fine stone and cement which, due to the clay content, delivers excellent colour, consistency in shape and thermal mass.

Different compressive strengths are achieved by varying the proportion of cement in the manufacturing process. The cement content ranges from 2% to 16% (Geo 2 - Geo 16) to suit the purpose for which they will be used, from single storey residential brick veneer to multi storey commercial building where salt and other abrasive elements may be an issue.  The resulting CO2 savings range from 5.3 - 2 tonnes per 10,000 bricks. Click here to see GeoBrick CO2 savings compared to kiln fired bricks.

GeoBrick's extensive range of natural, sandstone colours (no oxides are used) blend beautifully with any land or streetscape.

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