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Composite decking material made from approximately 60% recycled hardwood sawdust and 40% polypropylene. Suitable for outdoor residential and commercial applications.








DCL (dimensional composite lumber) consists of a lineal system of posts and handrails that can be custom fitted with metal or glass balusters. Product is made from the same constituents as CorrectDeck (50-60% recycled hardwood fibre (sawdust) and 40-50% virgin and reclaimed polypropylene).

Polypropylene creates a stronger, stiffer and lighter product than other composite wood products. As such it can experience higher temperatures with minimal expansion and contraction. Product carries a long limited warranty, reflecting its good durability properties.

The product's composition does not absorb moisture, therefore water sealers are not required. After two weathering seasons an oil or latex stain may be applied. However product exhibits good weathering resistance, potentially avoiding the need for surface treatments in many exterior applications.


Information last verified on: 28th January 2011

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