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G. James Extrusion Co Pty Ltd – Recycled Content Aluminium Extrusions


Aluminium extrusions with variable percentage of post-industrial recycled content. For a vast range of uses in commercial and residential buildings.








G James is to our knowledge Australia's only Aluminium extruder with its own re-smelter. The company recycles its own and other's scrap aluminium for production into new aluminium products. Not all alloys may use recycled content, and the company should be contacted to confirm the desired section does contain recycled content, and in what quantities.

NOTE: G James use two billet sizes, only the smaller of which can contain recycled content. Many commercial sections may be virgin content only. Check with the supplier for confirmation of recycled content.

manufacturers in Australia also import aluminium and aluminium products. Most Australian scrap aluminium is sent offshore for processing. Not all metal may be Australian in manufacture.

Information last verified 25th January 2011

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