Product Detail

Fytogreen have developed a complete layered system that allows for the construction, growth, maintenance and removal (if necessary) of effective roof gardens, or 'green roofs', also available as a turn-key service.

The standard layered system includes:

  • Stone mulch layer
  • Lightweight 'Hydrocell' media
  • Sub-surface drip irrigation system
  • 'Hydrocell' RG30 water reservoir layer
  • Geotextile layer
  • Fytonop drainage layer
  • Polyethylene (LDPE) base sheet, as an additional protection layer to the waterproofing membrane.

The key to Fytogreen's system is Hydrocell - lightweight Urea aldehyde (UF) foam - that has significant water holding capacity, which enables roof gardens to exist on thinner profiles with reduced weight, whilst maximising the available plant water.

The Hydrocell based media and water retention layer of the rooftop garden system are unique, and provide significant weight reductions, nutrient retention and water use savings compared to other roof gardens.

The rooftop gardens are compatible with various landscape architect designs. Fytogreen recommend incorporating water storage tanks, and reuse of stormwater or greywater where possible, to limit potable water consumption. Drip irrigation systems should be included and monitored during regular maintenance practises.

Green roofs can have a range of environmental, financial and community benefits. They are an effective method of insulating/moderating building temperatures, improving runoff quality, reducing stormwater runoff speed or sewer volumes in re-use systems, providing habitat and reducing the 'Urban Heat Island' effect. Please see Integrated Design and Policy and Biodiversity section for further details.

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