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Low-emission Insulated Concrete Forms based on EPS. Steel-reinforced insulated concrete panel formwork suitable for walls, slabs and tilts.








Formcraft Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction systems are thermally insulated, structurally strong, steel reinforced concrete wall, slab and tilt panel systems that can be built in a range of thicknesses for residential and commercial building projects, offices, apartments, single and multi-storey, above and below ground including retaining, external insulated walls, internal load bearing and party walls. Suitable for extreme climates, cyclonic regions, fire protection bunkers and community refuges, and for energy efficient and sustainable construction projects.

Formcraft ICF range is comprised of Formcraft FormPro® ICF Walls, FormDeck™ ICF Suspended Slabs and Roof Decks, and FormTilt® ICF Tilt Panels.

The insulation is provided by high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels in a number of configurations that during construction double as formwork panels held together by Formcraft's unique polypropylene (PP) connection system. Plaster board may be added to finish the internal surface. The insulation rating is typically R = 3.5 providing excellent conduction control to the building fabric and allowing significant energy savings for heating and cooling of interiors. ICF systems effectively seal buildings which further reduces energy usage for heating and cooling.

The formwork systems are complemented by Formcraft's propriety door and window sub-frame system that integrates into the walls to provide a water-proof, universal sub-frame into which a range of window and door types, including double glazed, can be fitted.

Formcraft maximises the amount of recycled material used in all its products, especially the connection system.  These products are inert, hypoallergenic and no CFC's are used in the production process.

Formcraft's fast-track construction systems allow considerable savings in construction times and hence in construction costs.

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