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For Earth - Pro-biotic Treatments for Odour Control, Solids Waste Management, Wastewater, Cleaning and Sanitising


For Earth offers a range of unique, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly treatments for odour control, solids waste management, wastewater, cleaning and sanitising.









For Earth specialise in the treatment of waste and wastewater by eliminating odour and accelerating the breakdown of solids. This is achieved by the use of unique Pro-biotic Beneficial Bacteria products. The process is highly efficient when used with low energy industrial aeration systems and the liquid bacteria additive.

In general terms, pro-biotic means adding good microbial bacteria to beneficially improve the health of a human, animal or ecosystem waste. Pro-biotic bacteria are increasingly being used in aquaculture, agriculture, manufacturing and health industries as well as commercial and domestic cleaning, odour control and sanitizing products for various beneficial treatment purposes.

FOR EARTH's pro-biotic products contain specially selected beneficial bacteria to digest waste such as effluent, grease, fats, oils, ammonia and blood. Once added to a waste system, the beneficial bacteria will go to work digesting waste and improving wastewater quality.

The pro-biotic product range is suitable for purposes ranging from private septic system treatment, to large-scale agricultural pig farms, feed lots, dairies and abbatoirs.

FOR EARTH also provide a range of highly efficient aeration (up to 10 times more energy efficient than conventional aeration systems) and dispensing systems to accompany the various treatments.

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