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Fletcher Insulation – Permastop Metal Deck & Roofing Insulation


Permastop glasswool blanket insulation faced with Sisalation® is available in material R-value of R1.3, R1.8, R2.5 and R3.0 and nominal thickness of 55, 75, 100 and 130mm

The product has the following benefits:

• Increases the energy efficiency of buildings helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Reduces noise, both from outside and inside, with improved acoustic performance.

• Controls condensation under a metal deck roof and maintains its expected lifespan.

Fletcher Insulation is committed providing environmentally sustainable products and utilises approximately 70% recycled glass in the production of glasswool insulation. Fletcher Insulationproducts comply with the Green Star Insulant ODP Emissions credit requirement, avoiding the use of ozone depleting substances in both manufacture and composition.


Permastop glasswool blanket insulation is made in Australia to Australian standards using FBS-1 bio soluble glasswool. Permastop has the best possible fire rating when tested to AS1530.3. Early fire Hazard requirements. The glasswool component is non-combustible and the Sisalation® used has a flammability index of less than 5 when tested to AS1530.3.

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