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Ecoriginals Eco Nappies offer an affordable, disposable but readily biodegradable nappy using plant based ingredients.


Ecoriginals Eco Nappy is an eco alternative to normal plastic disposable and conventional nappies. With the key ingredients consisting of plant based materials such as wood pulp and, according to the manufacturer only 5%bio plastic ingredients.

The Eco Nappy is free from harsh chemicals such as chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals making it a safer and friendlier choice for babies' sensitive skin. The plastic leak-proof barrier on a conventional nappy has been replaced by a fully compostable  film,  thatallows babyies' skin to breathe, thus reducing the chance of nappy rash.

The absorbent core of the nappy is made from wood pulp which has been sourced from certified sustainable forests. The outer packaging of the nappy is fully compostable, thus it is able to completely degrade in landfill.

Information last verified: 25th September 2014

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