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Waste Heat Recovery systems which produce hot water or steam, suitable for commercial and industrial applications.








Exhaust Control Industries Pty Ltd Waste Heat Recovery systems utilise waste heat from diesel and gas generators to make steam and hot water in commercial and industrial applications such as hospitals, holiday resorts and power plants.

Exhause Control Industries Pty Ltd manufacture Heat Recovery Systems depending on the requirements of projects, and all systems are manufactured to the AS 1210 standard. The company provides a complete installation package including the total mechanical installation of the generator set and its ancillary equipment.

Waste Heat Recovery systems reduce the pressure on energy resources by utilising the byproduct heat from a process (i.e. from diesel and gas generators) as an input to a seperate process (i.e. to create steam and hot water) that would otherwise require further energy inputs to create.

Information last verified: 8th June 2011

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