Product Detail

WERS certified double glazed, thermally efficient unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), double glazed (glass) windows and doors. Suitable for residential and some commercial applications.








Thermal performance is due to insulating properties of the uPVC frame, the twin rubber seals to all four sides of the opening sash as well as the frame, a minimum of 4 internal locking points (to compress the seals) and a large air gap (16mm) within the double glazed unit.

Everglaze Industries are certified under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). Product achieves low U-value ratings (indicating a higher resistance to heat flow) and low air infiltration results (indicating minimal leakage), indicating better performing windows. The range is also designed to achieve 4 to 7 cooling and heating star energy ratings, indicating that the window will substantially reduce solar heat gain and winter heat loss.

All products are custom made and have steel reinforcement (within an internal chamber) to all four sides of the sash and the frame. The product is fully sealed to prevent condensation and provide noise reduction and thermal efficiency. Windows are predominately used for domestic residential, however they are also suitable for commercial applications such as education and healthcare.

Product Certification

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