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EnvissTM Sentinel stormwater treatment device suitable for residential and commercial applications.









EnvissTM Sentinel is designed to remove simple and complex contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorous and metals from surface runoff in areas such as pedestrian roads and walkways.The simple, self-contained water filtration pits provide cost-effective design opportunities that complement Water Sensitive Urban Design principles.

EnvissTM Sentinel filters the stormwater in three stages: firstly through the removal of gross and coarse pollutants, secondly through the removal of coarse and fine sediment and thirdly the removal of dissolved and complex pollutants. The product was Highly Commended in the Environmental Product category by CivEnEx Construction and public works expo.

EnvissTM Sentinel pits come in two sizes:

Sentinel 450 - the smallest pit measuring 450x450x450 mm designed to facilitate stormwater harvesting systems.

Sentinel 600 - the larger pit measuring 600x600x600 mm, designed to facilitate both stormwater harvesting systems and Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Information last verified: 03/06/2011

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