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Gutter protection system, easily installed 3D system, effective as a leaf guard and bird barrier.  Suitable for residential use.








Hedgehog Gutter Guard comes in one metre lengths & can bend around corners. It is easy to remove & re-install for maintenance on the gutter. Hedgehog's prickly body deters birds, rats, mice, & snakes away from the gutters & ceilings. When combined with a rain water tank, using Hedgehogs in the gutters will result in less debris being stirred up, creating cleaner drinking water.


  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • No glue or screws needed.
  • Double UV treated polypropylene.
  • Prickly body deters rodents & birds.
  • Ideal for rainwater collection areas.
  • Sized to fit all gutter profiles.
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty.
  • 3-dimensional filter ability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Requires minimal cleaning.


Information last verified on 2nd February 2011

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