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Intensive and extensive green roof system and vertical green wall system.

Elmich manufactures a range of products to create effective green roof and vertical green wall systems that provide multiple benefits such as reduced cooling loads, reduced storm water run-off, and improved indoor air quality.

Green roofs are categorized as intensive, with deep growing media, irrigation, grasses, shrubs, trees, and on slopes less than 3%, or categorized as extensive, with less than 300mm depth of growing media, minimal irrigation with hardy, low growing plants and ground cover species, and on slopes up to 30%.  Elmich designs and manufactures elements for both types.

Elmich intensive green roof systems utilize an Evalon waterproofing membrane, VersiCell or flexible VersiFlex drainage modules that capture and transport water, and a geotextile filter fabric that prevents fine particles and growing media from causing clogging, acts as a 'capillary wick' to draw water from the drainage modules up to the growing media.  VersiCell and VersiFlex drainage modules are made from lightweight 100% recycled polypropylene, with a cellular design to provide efficient drainage and weight bearing capacity.

Elmich extensive green roof systems consists of the Evalon waterproofing membrane, VersiDrain 25P Water Retention & Drainage Trays, that also store and drain water, geotextile filter fabric, and VersiWeb Cellular Confinement Cells that contain and prevent growing media movement on sloped roofs.  VersiDrain 25P can store over 6 litres of water per m², reducing irrigation frequency, ensuring effective capillary irrigation and minimising fertilizer runoff and usage.

Elmich Green Wall System comprises plants grown in a lightweight growing media housed in Vertical Greening Modules (VGM's), manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene.  Each module contains a geotextile bag that contains the lightweight growing media.  The modules are encased with stainless steel frames which are anchored to stainless steel pilasters bolted to structurally sound walls or racks.  The system includes drip irrigation and collection trays to allow overflow water to be discharged or recycled.

Elmich offers a lightweight growing media for its greening systems.  The media is made of several components: coir (coconut husks with excellent water retention properties and a more environmentally friendly, renewable alternative to peat moss), pine bark, and ash or polystyrene.

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