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An tongue and groove flooring system manufactured from palmwood.








ENiTo Palmwood Flooring is made from over-mature coconut palms that no longer produce fruit due to their age. Felling these trees to make flooring allows for re-planting of productive trees.  Each tongue and groove board is a solid piece of wood that has been cut from the trunk of a palm tree, there is no lamination involved, and boards are laid using a glue-down only installation system.  Palmwood has a hardness rating of 10, so it is very durable, and the boards come with either a solid oil, wax, or wear-resistant coating.

The use of over-matured palm trees for flooring timber reduces landfill waste, and allows for re-planting of trees that sequester far more carbon dioxide as they grow and fruit.  This alternative source of timber is a more sustainable choice than other timber available through illegal logging.

Information last verified on: 15/02/2011

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