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An in-line or end-of-line gross pollutant, storm water filter, suitable for commercial and industrial application.









The Ecosol Net Tech is designed to be installed in-line or end-of-line, where it removes and retains larger solid pollutants from stormwater flows. It consists of a stainless-steel sleeve extension that is inserted and fixed into existing, or new, pipe outlets. This extension is fitted with a removable heavy-duty ultraviolet-stabilised polyethylene net for capturing, and retaining, gross pollutants.

The system will continue to capture and retain gross pollutants during a rain event until the filtration net reaches capacity when it disengages from the end of the conduit, to prevent flooding.  When the filtration net disengages from the sleeve extension a pull cord connected to the main unit tightens around the net throat and prevents the remobilisation of captured pollutants.  The system has been independently verified, to demonstrate that it captures more than 90% of gross pollutants greater than 19mm.  Net Tech is able to operate in submerged and tidal environments.

Use of this system helps to prevent pollutants entering our water ways, and lessens the ecological impact we have on our aquatic systems.

Information last verified on: 15/02/2011

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