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Non-petroleum based asphalt, suitable for residential, commercial of industrial applications.








GEO320 is designed for footpaths, driveways, tennis courts, sports areas, car parks, warehouses, bicycle paths, airfields, roads and highways.  It is available in many colours, including high-visibility and light-reflective pigments.

Made from non-petroleum renewable natural waste material and waste recycled resources, GEO320 is a bio polymer alloy adhesive binder that is made from low molecular weight waste and biomass materials including: lignin and cellulose, sugar and molasses, vinasses, natural tree and gum resins, natural latex rubber and vegetable oils.   Suitable raw materials for manufacture include: palm oil waste, coconut waste, peanut oil waste, canola oil waste, potato, wheat and rice starches.  GEO320 bitumen can also be made from the distillation bottoms obtained through the process of fractional distillation and or hydrogenation processes derived in the process of cleaning used motor oils and from oil waste prescribed feed stocks materials etc.

This product gives off far less volatile compounds than conventional bitumen, and has a low embodied energy due to it waste and recycled components.  It can be manufactured to allow extra drainage to maintain the natural water table, and to improve safety with high-vis pigmentation, and is non-slip.  It is very durable, being resistant to cracks, heat, cold, and damage through vegetation.  GEO320 reflects heat when compared with normal bitumen, helping to reduce urban heat island potential.


Information last verified on: 14/02/2011

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