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Lightweight concrete panels, boards and blocks using recycled waste materials suitable for residential and commercial construction.








Lightweight concrete panels, boards and blocks are made using recycled waste materials from sawdust, woodchips, waste from perlite, recycled polystyrene and recycled paper, which reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be sent to land fill. They are manufactured by injection and extrusion methods. The product is patented world-wide.

The product has a high level of fire, thermal and sound resistance. The high fire resistance makes it ideal for building houses near bushland. The high thermal resistance will help in energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs of a building. Due to good sound resistivity, the panels can be used as highway sound barriers.

The product saves on energy and thereby on manufacturing cost, as it dries quickly like normal concrete and does not require autoclaving. These lightweight panels enable the installation of walls at a much faster rate, and hence reduce the construction cost.

The blocks are useful during renovations and extensions or during the construction of new buildings including medium and high rise.


Information last verified: 05.05.2011

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