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A range of 3-star WELS rated showerheads, for residential and commercial use.









E-CO Shower have a range of 3-star WELS rated showerheads and fittings available, which are designed for use in wall-mounted and hand held showers, over basins and laundry tubs, in outdoor showers, as a hose nozzle, and in vandal-prone areas.

The fittings come with a warranty of up to 30 years, are manufactured from de-zincification resistant brass, making them less toxic, and operate through an air venturi system.  The air venturi system mixes air with the water, showering you with water covered air bubbles instead of full beads of water.  This system delivers a good water velocity, without using the same amount of water.

The range includes: Diamond Shower, Double Diamond Shower, Sapphire Shower, Sink Hand Shower, Shower Adapter, Backflow Prevention Adapter, Security Shower, Shower Blaster, Mini Blaster, Maxi Blaster, Watering Spike, and Beach Shower Tower.

Use of these systems helps to reduce water consumption, as well as reducing waste entering the sewer system.  They also reduce the energy needed to heat hot water.

Information last verified on: 11/02/2011

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