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Solar hot water split systems with selective surface flat panels. Vitrous steel tanks. Electric and gas boosted systems available. Residential and commercial application. Overheat and freeze protected.








Dux® split system solar thermal hot water systems have selective surface flat panel collectors for low emissivity and mild steel, thermally insulated tanks with vitreous enamel lining.

Open circuit systems available for warm climates and closed circuit system available for any climatic or water condition.

Gas boosted solar systems combine storage tank with continuous flow heater, has natural gas and LPG boosting options. This configuration receives 5 Stars out of a possible 5 star rating from the NSW House Energy Rating Scheme.

Electric boosted solar system with standard dual handed plumbing (two inlets and outlets). Can add solar component to existing electric heating system. This configuration receives 3.5 stars from the NSW House Energy Rating Scheme.


Information last verified 03/03/11

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