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Interior gloss trim low VOC paint that replaces high VOC alkyd (oil-based) enamels.








Aquanamel is an acrylic enamel that provides a smooth, high gloss or semi gloss, non-yellowing finish. It is suitable for painting interior and exterior doors, walls, windows and trims where a high gloss finish is desired.

Certified by the Australian Greenhouse Office as "Greenhouse Friendly", all GHG emissions throughout product lifecycle have been offset as per Greenhouse Friendly Guidelines, making the product greenhouse neutral. Available in high gloss and semi gloss. High gloss can be tinted to the full range of Dulux colours. Semi gloss can be tinted to more than 80% of Dulux colours.

It offers the same high performance associated with solvent-based enamels in a water-based alternative without compromising performance. It has a tough, durable finish and significantly reduced VOC levels when compared to a solvent-based enamel which have significantly higher VOC levels.

Traditional solvent based enamels contain over 400 g/l of VOCs.  Aquanamel contains less than 75 g/l of VOCs.

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