Product Detail

DTAC pioneered architectural Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI’s) in Australia and continue to deliver the most aesthetic NCC-BCA compliant solutions available. DTAC also offer a range of stair treads including products suitable for carpet as well as edge protection and vandalism protection products.

DTAC’s extensive range of tactiles are available in a variety of designs and colours and are designed to comply with building codes and regulations ensuring DTAC has a solution to suit all applications. Both discrete and integrated installation methods can be used for both warning and directional tactiles that are tested for compliance with luminance and slip resistance requirements.

The range of stair treads and edging has transformed the manner in which you can detail a stair edge, nosing or connection. Completely retro-fittable, the DTAC edging series provides a practical and aesthetically pleasing approach to prevention and protection. With several designs and finishes available, the range of stair edging provides a flawless finish with compliant solutions to detailing a stair edge.

DTAC's products are recyclable. 


Product Certification

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