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Waterless and odour free urinal cubes and washroom cleaner, designed for commercial use, Manufacturer claims that cubes are 100% biodegradable








Desert Cube Waterless Urinal System contains naturally occurring microbes to turn your existing trough or bowl facilities into a touch-free waterless urinal. Microbes trigger a natural breakdown of organic matter inside the drain and interfere with the bacterial digestion that produces unpleasant odours. Reduces ability of faecal bacteria to latch onto urine solids as a source of food. Reduces drain clogs and stains by converting uric scale deposits into more soluble compounds.

Desert Cubes are placed in the base of the urinal and the water supply is turned off. Beneficial microbes are released as the cubes slowly dissolve over several weeks. Manufacturers claims that cubes are 100% biodegradable and safe for septic and sewerage.

Desert all purpose Washroom Cleaner also available, with scale inhibitor and naturally occurring microbial strains to reduce washroom odours.

Manufacturer claims reduces water waste by up to 98%. Reduces use of chemicals. During development architects can specify any type of urinal as the system is installed after construction.

Information last verified 02/03/11

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