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Polycarbonate glazing system designed to provide quality light, thermal insulation, UV protection and durability. Product is designed for use as roof and wall glazing in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

Danpalon is a polycarbonate glazing system that is translucent or transparent 'multi-glazed' or 'single glazed' depending on the sheet type. It provides good thermal insulation, watertightness and resistance to impact and hail. Product blocks UV radiation while allowing daylight to penetrate, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Daylight panels are held together with snap-on connectors with no caulking or adhesives needed. Panels are lightweight and easy to install. Polycarbonate panels 100% recyclable and contain 30% pre-consumer recycled content. Aluminium connectors are available (anodized or with a powder-coated finish) for heavy duty applications.

Product is available in two profile types: Danpalon Multicell and Danpalon Compact. Multicell sheets have a multi internal rectangular structure with tight spacing between the ribs. The Multicell structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light. Compact is a solid sheet 4mm thick and 592mm wide with a glass-like appearance.

Panels are suitable for a range of applications including vertical glazing, roofing, aquatic centres, atriums, covered walkways, skylights, sports facilities and entrance canopies.


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