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Range of low VOC, resilient floor covering products made from natural rubber. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications. Flooring provides carbon sink to mitigate climate change.








DalNaturel Rubber Flooring is made using over 90% natural ingredients, with all the rubber content of the product being natural. This is a significant environmental step beyond standard rubber flooring products that are made using petroleum-based, synthetic rubber flooring (SBR).

DalNaturel is a durable, anti-slip and burn resistant, low toxicity and low VOC floor covering, available for installation in standard, loose-lay, or magnetically fixed arrangements. Loose-lay and magnetically fixed installations in particular, allow the flooring product to be easily replaced, recycled or reused. This flooring product is also low maintenance

The use of natural rubber also has the benefit of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Plantation rubber trees, with a functioning lifespan of up to 30 years, are efficient at extracting CO2 from the atmosphere (process known as sequestration). DalNaturel is also a comparatively low energy product to manufacture, and hence, across the full life cycle of DalNaturel Rubber Flooring, the product acts as a net sink of carbon (unverified- contact manufacturer for more details on this claim).

95% of all Dalsouple products are available in DalNaturel natural rubber, across a wide range of standard and pantone colours. Small batches of custom colours are also available.

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