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D&R Henderson – E0 and F4 Star Super E0 Decoline Particleboard Range


Raw and pre-finished, standard grade, low formaldehyde, decorative particleboard made from timber material with significant recycled content. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.







D & R Henderson provide a range of very low formaldehyde- E0, and (on request) ultra low formaldehyde- Super E0 (also E00, or F4Star under JIS A 5905:2003), raw and pre-finished decorative particleboards. Suitable for interior residential and commercial applications including workstations, furniture and joinery, storage, walls, partitions, office and shop fit-outs, and kitchens. The product is not available in MR (moisture resistant) grade, and should not be used externally or in high humidity areas.

The particleboards consist of approx 83% total recycled material. 74% post-industrial material from other sawmill waste, sawdust, wood chip and residues, and 9% post-consumer recycled woodwaste chip material from D & R Henderson's Wood Waste Recycling station. A product take-back sheme is in place to encourage and facilitate such recycling.

Particleboard is available raw or pre-finished with low pressure melamine (LPM) decorative papers. Panels are self supporting and decorated on both sides. They can be cut, edged and assembled using mechanical fixing systems. Furniture and joinery can be disassembled, reused, refurbished or easily replaced.

Product is manufactured in Australia, using by-products (predominantly) of Australian-grown softwood pine. D & R Henderson also have a large export market to Japan, where the E0 formaldehyde emission standard is mandatory.




Information last verified: 28/02/2011

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