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ProPark® is a modular and interlocking bicycle locker system that stores bikes and associated equipment in a secure, weatherproof, fire-retardant, vandal-deterrent structure.








ProPark® is a pad-mounted modular system made of non-metallic sheet molding composites (SMC). Manufacturer claims that system requires minimal maintenance, is weather resistance and durable. The modular units are partitioned internally with a door on each side where bikes are stowed horizontally.

Product is suitable for commercial and industrial applications and can also be used for residential purposes. The product is available with different options:

  • Standard Model
  • Electronic Access Model
  • View Thru/Door Model: bicycle locker is equipped with a window on the door.
  • View Thru/Full Model
  • Display Panel Options
  • Double Tier Configuration
  • Single-Sided Access Model
  • Interior Partition Options

Information last verified: 6th June 2011

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