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Premium grade plasterboard with a denser core encased in a heavy duty facing material








Gyprock Superchek™ is a unique, 10mm plasterboard that simply replaces standard plasterboard throughout the home on all walls and ceilings, excluding wet areas.

Gyprock Superchek™ is manufactured with a new, patent pending technology, Superchek™ is set to become the new standard in plasterboard and is covered by the Gyprock™ lifetime guarantee.

With its specially formulated, denser core and heavy duty facing, the board better spans 600mm centres on ceilings and has a white, easy to paint paper face to assist good paint coverage.

Gyprock Superchek™ is available in 3 sizes:

3600mm x 1350mm
4200mm x 1350mm
4200mm x 1200mm


Information last verified on: 04th February 2011

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