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Tubular skylight with controllable vent tabs under the roof dome









SolaBrite Plus is a tubular skylight that incorporates ventilation tabs to help prevent condensation on the underside of the dome.

Features and Benefits

  • High impact acrylic roof dome with insect proof vent tabs.
  • Two high grade, stainless steel reflectors within the throat to maximise the reflection of the sun's rays.
  • Two metres of high quality, flexible, reflective foil tubing manufactured for long life.
  • A ceiling diffuser that can be raised to enable warm ceiling air to ventilate to atmosphere and eliminate condensation build up within the unit.
  • A choice of soaker trays to suit tile, metal or custom orb profile roofs are available and can be powder coated to match most metal roof colours.


Information last verified on 03rd February 2011

Product Certification

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