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Rokcore™ is a structural composite sandwich panel composed of a rock wool core bonded to coated steel sheet facings. Suitable for exterior and interior uses in commercial, residential and industrial applications.








Rokcore™ is a pre-fabricated, non- combustible structural composite sandwich panel composed of a structural rock wool core bonded to zinc coated steel sheet facings.

Panels are suitable for use with both concrete and steel framed buildings, as well as in a range of applications, including external wall cladding, facades, internal walls, partition walls, ceilings and cool rooms.

There are four types of core materials used in Rokcore™, classified as 50C, 50F, 75C and 75F. Although both standard (C) panels and specially fire-rated (F) panels exhibit good fire resistance characteristics, core materials with F values should be used when higher fire resisting properties are required.

An advantage of these panels is their core strength, a result of the densely packed and uniformly aligned rock wool fibres. Panels with a 75 value should be used in applications where higher structural strengths are required.

Rokcore™ also has thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and is water repellent.



Information last verified on: 02nd February 2011

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