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CSG Solar PV modules are produced using the patented CSG (Crystalline Silicon on Glass) technology in CSG Solar's  new, high-tech facility in Thalheim, Germany. They are designed for installation in medium to large size applications.







Almost no degradation is observed in CSG Solar PV modules after exposure to the equivalent of over 30 years of UV radiation. Conventional wafer-based modules degrade by at least 5-10% after such exposure.

CSG Solar PV modules are highly resistant to water intrusion and other environmental factors. The only electrical materials used in the solar cells are environmentally stable silicon and aluminium.

Modules have demonstrated great stability over the years. Their power output remains practically unchanged after many years of outdoor exposure, demonstrating among the best long term stability in performance of any solar module on the market.

CSG Solar PV modules are warranted to retain at least 90% of their rated power for 12 years and 80% of their rated power for 25 years.


Information last verified on: 01st February 2011

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