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Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd - SwingBin Bin Retention System


The SwingBin Bin Retention System is an innovative bin retaining system available with unique access for those with a wheelchair, walking frame, or electric scooter.








The SwingBin Bin Retention System was developed in conjunction with both disability rehabilitation groups and Local Government. Sealed when not in use, the user need only to push the base of the bin by foot, wheelchair, walking frame or motorized scooter to open and dispose of litter without having to touch the lid.


  • Offers hygienic, hands free operation.
  • Lid remains closed unless in use.
  • Simplicity, with the opening mechanism using only one moving part.
  • Limited mobility access.
  • Using MGB's enables the bin to be emptied without manual lifting.


Information last verified on: 31st January 2011

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