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Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd - ParkLand Bin Retention System


The ParkLand Bin Retention System is a four-sided lattice style litter bin enclosure, designed for use in parklands and public areas.








Designed in consultation with Local Government the ParkLand Bin Retention System is a four sided "lattice style" litter bin enclosure which ensures quick and easy emptying due to its slam shut door. With no lifting required the mobile garbage bin (MGB) rolls out easily when the door is unlocked.


  • One piece cowling prevents water from entering the MGB for residue free emptying.
  • ParkLand suits 120L and 240L mobile garbage bins.
  • Uses a high quality "slam shut" locking mechanism.
  • Optional legs can be adjusted after the bin has been fitted to slab or paving to ensure level installation.
  • Hygienic, hands free operation.
  • Using MGB's means bin can be emptied without manual lifting.


Information last verified on: 31st January 2011

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