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Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd - Extruded Square & Rectangular Profiles / Garden Edging


Cosset's Evertuff ™ Extruded Square & Rectangular Profiles / Garden Edgingare suitable for just about anything related to building, landscaping and public open space. They're non-toxic, crack, splinter, rust and rot free products.







Extruded Square Profiles - Extruded Square Profiles are suitable for use in high profile landscaping applications to unglamorous backbreaking bearer and dunnage situations.

Extruded Rectangular Profiles / Garden Edging - Extruded Rectangular Profiles / Garden Edging has suitable uses, from high profile garden edging and marine situations to maintenance free performance in passive low use areas.


  • Recycled co-mingled material means timber-like strength with no warping.
  • Won't crack like concrete, rot like timber or rust like steel.
  • Termite and white ant resistant
  • Non toxic - no chemicals like CCA treated timber.
  • UV stabilised material guarantees longevity of product.
  • 98% recycled plastic and timber material
  • Non permeable - can be fully submerged in water.
  • It is 8 x stronger than pure plastic recycled products.
  • Has a thermal buffer and hence will not freeze over or get to hot to touch.


Information last verified on: 28th January 2011

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