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Cosset Industries Australia Pty Ltd - Extruded Sleepers / Retaining Walls


The Extruded Sleepers / Retaining Walls are reliable, no-toxic, crack, splinter, rust and rot free retaining walls with uses in applications from high civic landscaping to small back yard jobs







Evertuff ™ Sleepershave the strengths of timber without the weaknesses, meaning that once your project is complete there will be no rot, warping, cracking or splinters not to mention white ants and termites.


  • Order pre-cut to length and therefore no wastage.
  • Drilled, planed and cut with the same tools as timber.
  • Non toxic - no chemicals like CCA treated timber.
  • UV stabilised material guarantees longevity of product.
  • 98% recycled plastic and timber material.


Information last verified on: 28th January 2011

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