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Removes all paint and varnish products from existing woodwork and moisturises and restores timberwork, suitable for internal and external use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.








Cooper's Restoration Ltd provides a complete restoration system for woodwork and timber work using three products:

Cooper's Stripping Restoration System - paint and varnish stripping product formulated using 'no harsh chemicals' (manufacturers claim) to remove old finishes whilst maintaining the wood quality. The product does not damage the original sanded surface and therefore foregoes the need to re-sand sand and consequently avoiding dust production, there is no bleaching or furring.

Cooper's Finishing System - moisturising product providing a living finish to wood products as it absorbs into wood fibres allowing natural flexibility and movement.

Cooper's Moisturise 'it' Plus - moisturising product providing a living finish to wood products whilst providing UV resistance, suitable for outdoor applications.

Manufacturer claims that there are no harsh chemicals used in their products.

Information last verified: 8th June 2011

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