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Coolshield International – Solacoat Pastel and Solacoat Dark Topcoats

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A range of energy efficient coatings that reduce heat penetration, lowering internal temperatures and thus, reducing the need for mechanical cooling. Suitable for use on a range of materials, including exterior metal, tile and masonry surfaces in residential and commercial projects.

Solacoat Dark Coloured Topcoats are a range of highly durable, selected topcoats in a range of colours for use on roofs (metal, tiled, concrete). The technology used permits significantly lower heat absorption to under-roof space, and assisting in reducing internal temperatures. This reduced heat influx through the roof cavity, can assist in reducing demand on air-conditioning systems devices and consequent cost and green-house gas emissions savings through reduced electricity consumption.

Solacoat Pastel Gloss Acrylic Topcoats are a high opacity acrylic paint finish designed for moderating temperature extremes on exterior surfaces (brick, masonry, concrete, plaster, galvanised steel, zincalume or aluminium). Its tough, flexible finish gives long lasting protection against weathering and resistance against mould and fungal growth. The paint has several characteristics, including strong adhesion, flow and quick drying, allowing same day recoat. Solacoat Pastel Gloss Acrylic Topcoats can be used on normal interior and exterior surfaces.

Information last verified: 18th November 2019

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