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Highly reflective, energy efficient, metal decking, pre-coated with water-based acrylic with a high gloss retention suitable for residential, commercial and industrial roofing, walling and many other elements.

Solasteel is an energy efficient, pre-formed, cold-rolled metal roof and wall sheeting that is pre-coated with patented world first, water-based acrylic coating with highest solar reflectivity (74.1%), in Off White as tested by Queensland University of Technology). Reduces heat build-up in buildings and also provides higher gloss retention over a longer period than conventional high VOC polyester coated material, lowering energy costs in all climates where high solar insolation levels occur.

Solasteel eliminates the need to use toxic, high VOC solvent based chemicals during the coating process, which in turn reduces the need to use heaters to burn off remaining VOC's prior to sale. This will reduce operating costs and the handling of chemicals and VOC emissions to atmosphere. In addition, using Solasteel in Zone 1 or Hot Regions, there is no need to apply insulation to a passive building, providing additional savings in building costs.

Solasteel is suitable for use in the construction on various outdoor structures from storage tanks, houses, silos, containers, boats, walls, stadiums, gas stations to water treatment plant and storage facilities for food products.

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