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Water based metal primer and water based primer for concrete and masonry products suitable for use under heat reflective coatings in interior and exterior residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Solacoat WB Primer is a water based primer based on an acrylic resin and zinc phosphate complex that has good adhesion to both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The primer also provides anti-corrosive properties on steel. The primer can be top coated with water based coatings, such as Solacoat heat reflective coatings, as well as conventional solvent based coatings. The product is lead and zinc chromate free. Applications include new and old metal roofs and walls, tanks, pipes, cranes, agricultural parts, earthmoving equipment, structural steel and production line priming.

Solacoat CP Primer is a water based sealer, primer, undercoat suitable for exterior and interior concrete/cementious surfaces for use under heat reflective coatings. The primer has a ceramic alloy component which aids in the filling of uneven surfaces optimising a surface substrate for heat reflectivity. The primer is not suitable to be applied when temperature is cold (below 10 degrees Celsius) or when humidity is above 75%.

The primers can form part of a heat reflective coating system. Heat reflective coatings can substantially reduce heat absorption of substrate materials, minimising heat transfer into buildings and vehicles. The coatings also assist in reducing in ambient air temperature in the built environment caused due to the heat absorption of high mass surfaces (urban heat island effect). Benefits include an increase of thermal comfort levels (interior and exterior) and a reduction of energy cooling loads placed on air conditioning systems in surrounding buildings and vehicles.

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