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Coolshield International - Solacoat Heat Reflective & Non-slip Waterproof Pavement Coating


Low VOC water based heat reflective, non-slip and waterproof topping and coating system suitable for a range of horizontal impervious surfaces in interior and exterior residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Solacoat Heat Reflective and Non-Slip Waterproof Pavement Coating is a water based, durable, non-slip, waterproof and heat reflective coating system suitable for pedestrian walk areas, light vehicle traffic areas and low speed heavy vehicle areas. The coating system consists of Solacoat Pavement Coating mixed with off-white cement (10 or 15% b/w depending on application) as a topping, and where necessary, a Solacoat Pavement Sealer. The clear sealer inhibits stains and marks and enables easier cleaning of the surface.

The coating system reflects  between 50-60% of heat rays, substantially reducing heat absorption of impervious horizontal surfaces. The coating can minimise localised rises in ambient air temperature in the built environment caused due to the heat absorption of high mass surfaces (urban heat island effect). Benefits include an increase in thermal comfort levels (interior and exterior) and a reduction of energy cooling loads placed on air conditioning systems in surrounding buildings.

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