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An eco-friendly water based bitumen emulsion suitable for dust suppression on roads and broad acre applications








DustBloc is an eco-friendly bitumen emulsion that can be readily diluted with water - at a suggested minimum of 20:1 and a suggested maximum of 40:1.

When applied in these dilutions, the DustBloc solution soaks into the ground and when the water evaporates, the bitumen is released in an amount that is suitable for dust suppression. The bitumen film is left to adhere to the dust particles.

This adhesion binds the dust particles together, makes them heavier, and less likely to become airborne when disturbed by vehicle traffic or wind.

A dust control process involves multiple sprays of DustBloc building up the bitumen film on the particles with maintenance sprays as required.

Normal application is done using a water-truck or spray units. After use, the spray unit can be flushed with water, with no residue remaining.

There are no leaching issues with DustBloc, so it is safe to use in eco-sensitive areas like national parks, coastal fringes and livestock or agricultural farms.


Information last verified on: 07th January 2011

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