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Non-toxic, zero VOC timber protection for timbers in contact with the ground. BFA registered as a certified organic product.








Cooee TimberTreat Plus Bitumen is a timber finish designed for use on timber that comes in contact with the ground. The finish contains inbuilt anti-microbials and is further improved by the addition of a water soluble bitumen emulsion. This combination enhances the resistance of timber to rot.

Bitumen is a natural, safe water-repelling agent that enhances the capability of the finish. All timber in contact with the ground (fence and veranda posts, sleepers, garden stakes, winery posts, logs, poles) should be coated with TimberTreat Plus Bitumen.

TimberTreat Plus Bitumen ingresses into the timber, dries black and can be applied using a brush, spray, roller or by dipping.

Being BFA registered, it can be used on organic farms with confidence. There is no detectable leaching of ingredients into the surrounding soil, and no known safety issues regarding its use.

TimberTreat Plus Bitumen can also be used to inhibit chemicals from leaching out of treated timber into the ground and into water.





Information last verified on: 25th January 2011

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