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Non-toxic, zero VOC timber protection for timber. BFA registered as a certified organic product.








TimberTreat is a water based product that ingresses natural waxes into timber, and deposits a water resistant film on the surface. It contains active anti-microbials that inhibit mould and enhances the timbers performance against termites and rot.

No sanding is required on recoat - just clean and re-apply. Dries to a low gloss finish that is not slippery when wet.

There are two ranges of TimberTreat - One Coat for residential use, and Two Coat for commercial and high traffic areas.

One Coat is available in tintable clear, or five factory tints. For most surfaces, only one finished coat is required. It is zero VOC, pleasant smelling, easy to apply, and water wash-up.

Two Coat is used for commercial applications on exterior timbers. It has a heavier tint available in five colours, and is suitable for use on old timber, as it hides discolorations and produces an even finish. It has low VOCs, easy to apply and long lasting.

TimberTreat is used in conjunction with Cooee's non-toxic Timber and Masonry Cleaner to remove mould, dirt and grease.

Cooee's Pre-Treatment is used to sterilize the timber and prepare timber for coating with TimberTreat.



Information last verified on: 25th January 2011

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