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EcoTrax is an eco-friendly water based bitumen emulsion suitable for use as a binder in road and path material.








EcoTrax is a modified bitumen emulsion which can be diluted with cold water. After mixing into road material, the water evaporates off and leaves the bitumen behind, not only acting as a binder to increase strength, but also as a waterproofing agent.

The treated materials become hard and durable, resisting damage normally caused by water and wear and tear. It has a long shelf life and does not need continuous management when in storage. Materials can be pre-mixed and be stock piled for up to two months.

The increased strength and resistance to water of the treated material prolongs the time between maintenance programs for the road or path. The amount of imported material can be reduced through better use of on site material.

Because there is no leaching of ingredients, the product is ideal to use in eco-sensitive areas, such as national parks, gardens and coastal fringes. There are no special precautions needed for the operators of equipment applying the product.

Typical applications are walking tracks, deco areas in parks, mud bricks and earth walls, road base under sealed roads, and unsealed roads.


Information last verified on: 07th January 2011

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