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Range of lightweight and water efficient planters, that include sub-irrigation systems. Suitable for interior and exterior commercial and retail use.








The Lechuza Planter range is made from a foamed core polypropylene, with a lacquered finish. The planters come in a range of sizes and designs.

The sub-irrigation sets included have the potential for water savings. The water collects at the bottom of the planter, and is wick-fed through holes in the sub-irrigation base. Effectively, water use is determined as the plant requires, and there is reduced evaporation loss. A water level indicator is also included to indicate water supply.

The planters are lightweight, easy to rotate or relocate. Some models come with a plant liner that can be pulled out of the planter, to easily change plants around.

Indoor planters encourage the installation of plants, which improve indoor environmental quality. Research has found that indoor plants contribute to the health and well-being of building occupants.

Moulded polypropylene used is a zero VOC product; however, the product is finished with solvent based lacquers that contain VOCs.

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