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Range of water-efficient indoor and outdoor planters made from polyethylene, with zero VOC emissions. Suitable for interior and exterior applications including offices, shopping plazas, hotels, commercial buildings or public spaces.








CottaPot™ range of planters come in different types from traditional shapes to modern streamlined shapes.

The planters are made from a high performance olefin-copolymer, which emits no VOC's but has the toughness expected of a modern material. Product is also available made from 100% recycled material in black colour only. The planters are light, easy to handle, and the supplier states that will not leak or break, crack or chip. Some new larger models have handles for easy placement. CottaPot™ can also be purchased in recycled polyethylene (black colour only) if desired.

Many of the CottaPot™ range have sub-watering built in. The double-walled planters allow the water medium to be poured between the two walls. The water collects at the bottom of the planter and is wick-fed through holes in the bottom as the plant requires. This is very water efficient as water use is effectively determined by the plant, and this also reduces evaporation loss. Indoor plantscapers encourage the installation of plants that improve indoor environmental quality. Research has found that indoor plants contribute to the health and well-being of building occupants (see Discussion for more detail).

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