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Construction Specialties' Skylight Shutters reduce solar heat gain and glare in interior spaces. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.








C/S Skylight Shutters provide thermal benefits, transmitting diffused light into building interiors while minimising solar heat gain and glare. This allows for reductions in the demand for air conditioning to be achieved, improving building comfort and reducing associated electricity consumption, HVAC, plant size and greenhouse gas emissions.

Skylight Shutters are able to be controlled by a solar tracking device to regulate the amount of light entry. Framed shutters can be attached to the skylight structure or free standing.

Product is made from extruded aluminium, a high embodied energy material. Available in both fixed and operable versions, with a wide range of finish options. Mechanical fixing provides the required strength and durability, while allowing easy disassembly for removal, straightening and / or replacement.


Information last verified on: 14th July 2010

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