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Roof mounted thermosiphon open or closed circuit solar hot water system designed for frost-free regions.








Conergy TS Series are efficient roof mounted open or closed circuit solar hot water systems designed for frost-free regions. The system incorporates electric boosting with gas offered as an option (LPG and NG). The thermosiphon minimises energy requirements while offering efficient and economical water heating. Choice of 180 and 300 litres tank sizes. Tank casing is made from durable Colorbond and polypropylene. Insulation is high density polyurethane. Tanks are vitreous enamel lined steel with sacrificial anode for long life even in hard water areas.

Each collector is made from toughened glass and durable copper waterway tubes. EPDM rubber seals ensure durability and reliability in extreme climatic conditions. Black chrome surface on copper substrate on selected models guarantees maximum efficiency. Solar lacquer surface on selected models provides maximum performance in high solar radiation areas.


  • Advanced natural convection design
  • Easy to mount, seamless unit
  • 180 l or 300 l tank
  • Higher REC value - resulting in greater rebates
  • Available with either gas or electric boosting

Information last verified on: 23rd July 2008

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