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Solar site analysis equipment and software. For  solar installers.










The Solar Pathfinder maps all annual shading data of any installation site and creates a complete solar shading site analysis using the Solar Pathfinder software assistant. Product provides year-round solar access data from one 15 minute reading. The reading determines placement and orientation of solar infrastructure, shading patterns on-site, monthly available solar energy and sunrise and sunset times. The Solar Pathfinder requires no special skills or technical know-how.

By combining the site-specific shading data of the Solar Pathfinder™ with the published global weather data, an accurate solar site analysis can be made. This insolation data, on an hourly and monthly basis can then be applied to architectural, engineering, solar, and ecological applications.

Product uses a highly polished, transparent, convex plastic dome to give a panoramic view of the entire site. All the trees, buildings or other obstacles to the sun are plainly visible as reflections on the surface of the dome. The sunpath diagram can be seen through the transparent dome at the same time.

Because the Solar Pathfinder works on a reflective principle rather than actually showing shadows, it can be used anytime of the day, anytime of the year, in either cloudy or clear weather. The actual position of the sun at the time of the solar site analysis is irrelevant. In fact, the unit is easier to use in the absence of direct sunlight.


Information last verified 21st February 2011

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