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Composite Global Solutions - Thermomass® Building Insulation System


Connectors and insulation used in integrally insulated concrete walls. Suitable for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.








Composite Global Solutions, Thermomass® Building Insulation Systems are designed to produce thermally insulative concrete panels, using fibre reinforced, dove-tail connectors composed of a fibre composite, vinylester material, and extruded polystyrene panels. The connector systems are suitable for anchorage into wet concrete, offering an alternative to cast-in-place steel anchors. They are non-corrosive, chemically resistant and have low thermal conductivity, with unsurpassed structural strength. MC and MS connectors are designed to resist static and transient tension and shear loads in intact conventional concrete.

The Dow brand, closed cell Styrofoam® extruded polystyrene insulation panels, resist water penetration, including water vapor transmission. The Styrofoam® grade used has high thermal resistance and high compressive strength.

Thermomass® provides consistent thermal control, impedes mould growth and is highly durable.

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