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This product is a radiant heating panel.









In traditional Convection Heating a heating body is used to heat up the air, which then distributes heat as it flows over the surfaces of the objects in the room (walls, furniture, etc.).

A radiant heating panel, however, distributes heat mainly by radiating it, just like the Sun. Thus, when the flow of radiated heat hits objects (like walls, the floor, or furniture), while a small part is reflected (approx. 15%), the majority (approx. 85%) is absorbed by the objects encountered. At this point in the process, radiated energy turns into heat energy (the objects heat up) and as the objects are hotter than the surrounding air, heat is transmitted by convection and the air is heated by all the objects in the room.

The high level of heat emission form the Comfortline™ Panels is due to their unique 'Silicating Treatment' on the heating surfaces. Simply put, the surfaces are roughened, which actually increases their surface area and thus their ability to radiate heat.

The radiant heating panels have a modern design with a white plastic powder coated steel plate case.

The radiant heating panels are designed for surfaceorsuspended mounting and come in a range of sizes. The heating panels can be thermostatically controlled to maintain the perfect temperature.


Information last verified on: 24th May 2010

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